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And we offer you a 2 years warranty to cover issues in your devices.

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info How Maintenance Works
  • The devices are checked and maintained at the maintenance center in Riyadh
  • Inspection and repair time: 5 days (excluding shipping time)
  • You can send your device to the administration office in Riyadh at the address on the map
  • If you are outside Riyadh, we send a representative from the shipping company to receive the device to be delivered to Riyadh, then we repair it within 24 - 48 hours of its arrival, then we are sending it again
  • The warranty includes workmanship defects and malfunctions.. It does not include accidents or misuse

Azom Office | Prince Mohammad bin Saad bin Abdulaziz road, Al Aqeeq, Riyadh 13515 - 2738, Building no. 6383, 2nd floor