AZOM was founded on June 2019, when it started, Azom was considered to be an electronics company selling smartphones with accessories; these products introduced Azom to the Saudi market, and Azom started gaining devoted customers and supporters. But we had bigger plans, to focus on what Azom means, and where it is heading... AIoT was the main target all along, we just needed the right foundation to reach where we are today.
Azom understands what the customer wants. That is why we design, develop and offer products that are not just another item on a shelve, we make sure that our products follow one important rule; making your everyday life easier.
We at Azom are proud of our growth, whether it’s within the organization, or through external business that allows AZOM to work in many partnerships and with many companies. Azom offers an option for businesses interested in our line of products as well as our unique services. Whether it is for the business and its personnel, or for its customers, we offer a range of B2B sector services. We have proudly served 100+ clients. We're thrilled to be noticed by GFK as the fastest growing iOT & electronic vendor in Saudi Arabia and one of the top 20 startups in the region according to Forbes.
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To order Azom products, this option enables you to easily choose the product, color and quantity required.
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To convert homes into smart homes, this page enables you to choose your own classification and overall design of your smart home
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Looking for something more customized? you have an idea in mind that you would like to make a reality? let's make it come true
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We provide customized SoftPos to support your business activities and technologies.
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Our Clients

Amazon Store
Kafoo Store
Myhub Store
Noon Store
Extra Store
Nesto Store
Mrsool Store
PIK Store
Jarir Book Store
Onebrand Store
Trends Store
Xcite Store
Petro App
Star Vision