Ibrahim UI

Ibrahim UI

Efficiency made simple

It is easy to create a beautiful looking interface for a smartphone.
What really takes a lot of effort is to design an experience as delightful and efficient. We are proud of our research efforts shown in IBRAHIM UI,
our investment in user experience design will change your perception about simplicity and efficiency.

A breeze of style

IBRAHIM UI, Key features .

Main Menu UI

Artistic and easy to use

Setting UI


Pull-out Menu UI

Clean and clear


Android 10 Features on Desert 2

Dark Theme

Power saving, Eye protection, Not to disturb people around at night.

Night Light, Invert Colors & Grayscale

choose from different modes for a perfect experience

Take control

Flexible in the way you like it to feel in perfect control.

Parental control

for the safety and digital wellbeing of your family and loved ones.

Set digital ground rules and help make healthy habits.
Help guide your kids as they learn, play & explore online.
You can set screen time limits, view app activity, manage apps & content restrictions, and see where they are.

Quality time. It’s different for everyone. For some, it’s unplugging on the weekends.
For others, it’s spending hours video-chatting with your best friend. Android 10 gives you the tools to find that balance.

Focus Mode

lose the distractions and get things done.

For getting in the zone and blocking out distractions. Focus mode lets you select apps to pause temporarily.

So if you want to turn off a distracting app to get something done, all you have to do is tap.


Your data and Privacy settings are safe and sound.

With Desert 2 Android 10, you’re in control of your privacy. That’s because you get new, smarter controls that let you decide how and when data on your device is shared. So you can rest easy.

1. Decide what data is stored, like your Web & App activity. And for how long.
2. Control when your location is shared with apps: all the time, while in use or never.
3. Opt out of ad retargeting and personalization.

Touch Gestures

Android 10 Features on Desert 2