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Customer success

Expires at: 18-04-2022

Job title

Customer success


Riyadh - الرياض

Job type

Full Time


1 Year

In this role, you should expect these responsibilities to be part of your day-to-day schedule:

Drive expansion and adoption of our software and services.
Manage the onboarding process for each new customer, from technical evaluation onward.
Assist the sales team in driving and managing renewals.
Provide critical insights to the product team as a means to improve our developing platform.
Maintain customer health and introduce new, valuable features as they become relevant on the customer journey.
Educate champions and their teams on the value of our product, and help uncover use cases before they become emergencies.
Build relationships with executive decision-makers.
Generate trust and credibility at multiple levels in existing accounts after purchase and through the sales cycle.
Guide new customers through a systematic onboarding process to facilitate making decisions around their needs and goals.
Contribute to initiatives outside of customer conversations that better the customer experience, both low-touch and high-touch.
Work cross-functionally with product, sales, and support team members to foster a strong sense of community and information sharing.