Supply Chain Management (Internship Opportunity)

Full Time

Riyadh - الرياض

Contract - 3 Month


Daily tasks are as the following:

  1. Checking dashboard and validate orders with finance department.
  2. Reviewing and processing customer orders and deliveries.
  3. Provide information for queries regarding the delivery status.
  4. Supervise, coordinate, and oversee issues related to transportation and drivers.
  5. Communicate with customer service when deliveries are late.
  6. Coordinate all logistics activities with finance, sales, and other substantive units.
  7. Coordinate with R&D department and broker for international shipments
  8. Reviews rates and negotiation on rates with broker.
  9. Verification of all customs clearance documents with broker.
  10. Coordinate, control and schedule product loading and transportation at supplier site.
  11. Coordinating with broker until shipment delivered.
  12. Monitor offloading  activities to ensure requirements are met.
  13. Doing stock count and providing reports to finance department.
  14. Follow up with broker and logistic companies for invoices and payments.