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Expired at 2022-09-30

1. Making Sure Employees Feel Valued

Not just as professionals, but as people. Our emotions do not get left at the door when we arrive at work, they come in and stick with us all day. Realizing this is a fundamental step on the way to building a happy company.


2. Guarantee the Basics

For employees to be motivated and fulfilled in their work, the first thing they need are good salaries and working conditions.


3. Listening to Employees

To understand what makes employees happy, you need to listen to them. It is the only way to figure out when something is not going well and what can be done to make it better. At Cyberclick for example, we use a Happiness Traffic Light to check in once a week.


4. Value Day to Day Work

Nothing burns people out more quickly than feeling like their efforts are not appreciated. Therefore, one of the CHO’s duties is to make sure employees know that their work matters.


5. Grant Freedom

The tyrannical boss should be a thing of the past. If you want your team members to surprise you with their skill and abilities, give them the freedom to organize their own work and schedules. This allows them to adapt their work to their personal life, rather than the other way around, making them much more productive and motivated.


6. Support Growth

Work can and should be a source of personal fulfillment. In order to feel this, people need to have room to grow, educate themselves, and learn continuously. The CHO should help make sure they have the resources and means to do this within their workspace.


7. Help Manage Time

As opposed to strict and rigid office hours, a happy company needs to recognize the importance of a work-life balance. Details such as flexible working hours and holidays make employees feel taken care of and satisfied.


8. Create a Positive Work Environment

It’s not just about productivity and salaries: employees should also enjoy their work. This is the Chief Happiness Officer’s key goal.


9. Encourage Teamwork

Positive, functioning teams are a “symptom” of a functioning company, not only in terms of productivity but also in terms of oeverall happiness. In order to promote and encourage this, the CHO should organize events like team building activities, retreats, and others that build a sense of community.


10. Empower Employees

The more power employees have regarding the company and how it works, the more emotional energy they will invest in it and the more satisfied they will feel in their day to day. At Cyberclick, for example, we make sure each and every employee gets involved in the recruitment process of a new colleague. They have the final word and decision.